Email Link Encoder

In general, there are four ways to “hide your email address” from spam robots. One way is to use JavaScript. A second way is to use a cgi or php script to have visitors email you through a web page. A third way is to use CSS to hide parts of a bogus email address that appears normal on a web page.

The fourth way is to disguise your email address by encoding plain text into HTML character entities. For example, the word email is encoded as: email Each letter is converted into a decimal number based on its Unicode representation. The idea is that spam robots will not bother to decode character entities because they usually represent special characters.

Note: This web page uses a JavaScript function to encode your email address, but JavaScript is not necessary to use this method in your HTML document. No email addresses are saved or recorded in any way.

Your email address: 


Your encoded email address link:

Copy your encoded email link above and paste it directly into your HTML document. Everything is included for a well-formed HTML anchor tag (items in blue are encoded):

<a href="mailto:yourEmailAddress" title="yourEmailAddress">yourEmailAddress</a>

Comment: I am not confident in the level of protection this method provides in hiding your email address. Spam robots look for patterns. Every email link includes a mailto: or uses the familiar pattern. All an “evil” spam robot has to do is search for the mailto: pattern in encoded character entities. JavaScript provides a higher level of security since there are too many different schemes available to disguise an email address for a spam robot to try to decode. The spam robot would actually have to execute JavaScript code instead of just searching a document, and that would be inefficient and potentially troublesome. If you must display your email address, then this method at least provides some protection from spam robots.