Welcome to Woody’s Scripts

This is my small collection of scripts that I have written and use (or used at one time). Duties and responsibilities prevent me from tackling large programming projects. Actually, I have learned to tackle only small projects that can be completed within a day or two. (I become obsessed with trying to solve the problem to the exclusion of everything else, especially sleep.) But I have managed to keep my coding skills sharp by dabbling in some scripting languages. Scripting languages are perfect for solving “little” problems.

Go to the script collections: JavaScripts, PHP Scripts.

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To remain viable in the future technologies of the Internet, I have upgraded my documents to XHTML (transitional). The move to XHTML was not as scary or as difficult as I had originally thought (especially if you already have good coding habits). To learn about XHTML, read XHTML: Past, present, and future.

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